Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mrs. Officer

Prayer can really change your situation...I'm not saying that I'm not a believer I most definitely am!, but God still manages to take care of me and my problems!! I was just talking about praying for friends in one of my previous blogs and then last week I met some of the most awesome and genuine women I've met in a long time. We emailed last week and decided to meet up for TSU's homecoming- I'm an alumni twice over but I've never, ever had a good time at homecoming so I was like expecting the worst. We went out last night and it was like we've been knowing each other for years! We had a good ass time at homecoming and we have plans to do it again next weekend. I was drunk as hell and it felt good!!! Now I've touched on this before but in high school and college I didn't do any of those wild things and I didn't attend not one party. I didn't even get drunk or go party on my 21st or 25th birthdays. I had way, way too much sex but when I think back that shit wasn't fun or cute at all!!!! I don't have any drunk stories, or any crazy party stories. I was / am way too shy to do any of those things but last night I let loose and had a damn good time!!! I looked fucking awesome...I had a short wig, a black sweater dress with a pop of color from a necklace, black stockings (it's chill...well damn cold at night we've been hitting 32 degrees at night), and black boots! I was hot and so was the other ladies we were all dressed appropriately and didn't look like we were going to 5 different places. I had my first shot of patron?? (I guess that's how it's spelled), and like 6 other drinks! I'm still geeking--didn't mix that light and dark liquor so no throwing up for me...I took that shit like a champ!!!! (Can you tell I'm still geeked lmao). Wasn't worried bout meeting some dude...was just having fun with the girls...believe me when I say jiggas here are lame as hell...I did dance with one dude and put all this BBW on him but he looked like he was younger than me so it was all in fun!!! I'm just geeking because I had a good time this weekend and I'm making new potential friends (I'll tell you about my coworker later..) I'm just living my life having a good time!!!!


Francesca said...

Ok, first what if BBW? I'm glad you had fun this weekend and got a lil tipsy. Can't believe you've never drank Patron lol. Hope this weekend is just as fun if not better.

And please, don't mix the liquors, its not a pretty thing!

Ms. Magnificant said...

I did I had a very, very good time this weekend I think this weekend we're gonna try a more adult club but it should be just as fun. I know, I know I'm such a rookie but I'm working on that! So should I always drink clear??? Idk...I do like southern comfort You know a BBW is a big beautiful woman lmao...that's me!

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